Her Philosophy, Mission, Vision & Value Statement




At Borchelli Skincare, our philosophy is to make natural skin care products using the finest and purest ingredients that help ''Prevent, Correct, and Protect'' our skin.

Our Philosophy is:  “Prevent, Correct & Protect’’. I formulate products that I use and that I am confident with, and that will achieve the desired result with ingredients I know, trust, love, and am deeply proud to share.

We're on a Mission 

At Borchelli Skincare, success can only be accomplished by offering customers the ultimate service, selection, quality, and satisfaction. Your satisfaction is my success and your success, so our mission is to empower every person of every age to enhance their skincare regimen by looking and feeling their best.

Vision Statement 

 Borchelli Skincare®  is the premier online e-commerce store providing luxury facial and body skincare products and tools to people of all ages and delivering the finest quality to people of all types of skincare. We expect the needs of our customers and supply them with the finest products and quality so that they can live and enjoy the beauty of their skin. Within the next five years, Borchelli Skincare will have helped create a positive, more harmonious community by assisting people in acquiring the products, skills, and resources necessary to build their self-esteem by feeling and looking their best.

Value Statement

Our visionary, customer-centric company values and sells excellent skincare products at a reasonable profit. We treat our customers like valued human beings and hope they will continue to see us as a preferred vendor. Value and integrity are vital to our long-term success, accountability & customer satisfaction. Borchelli’s Skincare® a luxury skincare line that has the finest and purest ingredients from around the world. The most effective ingredients are available at concentrations that facilitate desired results. We pledge to reformulate and update our products whenever new, significant, and reliable research becomes available. Our research is to your benefit; your beauty is our success.

~ Lourdes Borchelli, The Creator, Founder & CEO of Borchelli Skincare®