Swiss Green Apple Stem Cell w/ Matrixyl 3000 Face Serum

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Borchelli Skincare®

An Apple a Day Keeps the Wrinkles at bay

What are Cultivated Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells?

Stem cells are super unique in that they have the ability to go through numerous cycles and cell divisions while maintaining the undifferentiated state. Primarily, stem cells are capable of self-renewal and can transform themselves into other cell types of the same tissue. Their crucial role is to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissue. Stem cells have a limited life expectation due to environmental and intrinsic stress factors. Because their life is endangered by internal and external stresses, stem cells have to be protected and supported to delay preliminary aging. In aged bodies, the number and activity of stem cells in reduced.

What are Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells

Until several years ago, the tart, unappealing breed of the Swiss-green grown cultivated apples, did not seem to offer anything of value. That was until Swiss scientists discovered the unusual longevity of the stem cells that kept these apples alive months after other apples shriveled and fell off their trees. In the rural region of Switzerland, home of these magical green apples, it was discovered that when the unpicked apples or tree bark was punctured, Swiss Green Apple trees have the ability to heal themselves and last longer than other varieties. What was the secret to these apples’ prolonged lives?

Proven to Diminish the Signs of Aging

These scientists got to work to find out. What they revealed was that apple stem cells work just like human stem cells, they work to maintain and repair skin tissue. The main difference is that unlike apple stem cells, skin stem cells do not have a long lifespan, and once they begin depleting, the signs of aging start kicking in (in the forms of loose skin, wrinkles, the works). Time to harness these apple stem cells into anti-aging skin care! Not so fast. As mentioned, cultivated green  apples are now very rare, to the point that the extract can no longer be made traditionally. The great news is that scientists developed a plant cell culture technology, which involves breeding the apple stem cells in the laboratory.

Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells Protect Human Skin Cells

Human stem cells on the skin’s epidermis are crucial to replenish the skin cells that are lost due to continual shedding. When epidermal stem cells are depleted, the number of lost or dying skin cells outpaces the production of new cells, threatening the skin’s health and appearance.

Like humans, plants also have stem cells. Enter the stem cells of the cultivated green apple tree, whose fruit demonstrates an exceptionally long shelf-life. How can these promise stem cells help our skin?

Studies show that apple stem cells boost production of human stem cells, protect the cell from stress, and decreases wrinkles. How does it work? The internal fluid of these plant cells contains components that help to protect and maintain human stem cells. Apple stem cells contain metabolites to ensure longevity, as the tree is known for the fact that its fruit keep well over long periods of time.

When tested in vitro, the Swiss green apple stem cell extract was applied to human stem cells from umbilical cords and was found to increase the number of the stem cells in culture. Furthermore, the addition of the ingredient to umbilical cord stem cells appeared to protect the cells from environmental stress such as UVA and UVB light.

Apple stem cells do not have to be fed through the umbilical cord to benefit our skin! The extract derived from the plant cell culture technology is being harnessed as an active ingredient in anti aging skincare products. When delivered into the skin in nanotechnology, the apple stem cells provide more dramatic results in decreasing lines, wrinkles, and environmental damage.

KEY INGREDIENTSmalus domestica, matrixyl 3000, purslane,  aloe vera extract, 4D hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid,  seaweed extract, ceramides, niacinamide 20 %, apple fruit hydrosol, collagen, meadowfoam seed oil, PEG 40, adenosine 


The Results

Currently referred to as ‘The Fountain of Youth’, intense research has proved that with just a concentration level of 0.1 % of the PhytoCellTec (green apple stem cell extract) could proliferate a wealth of human stem cells by an astounding 55%! These wonder cells work super efficiently and are completely safe. Of the numerous benefits of apple stems cells, the most predominant include:

  • Increase in your skin stem cell vitality and longevity
  • Repairs damaged tissues and organs
  • Activates your own skin stem cell regeneration
  • Protects human stem cells against UV light-induced death
  • Combats chronological and genetic aging and deep wrinkles
  • Topical application reduces the depth of crow’s feet wrinkles after only two weeks
  • Targets premature aging and fine lines
  • Reverses environmental damage
  • 120-Day results guaranteed

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