The Autobiography of Lourdes Borchelli

An American Story


“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and will never last forever” – Roy T. Bennett

Lourdes Borchelli is a woman of style, prowess, and success. Her favorite quote describes the adventures in her life that made her what she is today – strong and invincible.

 Getting to Know Borchelli Better

Lourdes has had quite a few nicknames in her lifetime. Growing up, her family used to call her “Lord”. At work, people formally call her Borchelli. Her eldest daughter calls her Mama Afrika. Meanwhile, her closest friends and other family members would call her “Mother Teresa” for being kind-hearted and having a solid faith in God. Helping others makes her genuinely happy. She thinks that providing service or something that would alleviate the burden of others, even in a small way, will make the world a little better and brighter. A person who loves living by quotes or personal mantras, Lourdes believes that “peace starts with a smile”.

As her friends and loved ones would describe her, Lourdes is someone who never runs out of ideas. She is unstoppable and goal-driven. Whatever Lourdes has in mind, she will do it by hook or by crook. Ever since a child, when she sets her mind on something, she will tirelessly work towards it and make it happen. The sky is the limit for Lourdes.

Another characteristic of hers is being friendly. She maintains her friendship with those she cares for and ensures they know how much she loves them. Her friendliness brought her closer to the people who supported her career, business, and personal life.

Lourdes prefers wearing creative and fashionable attire daily. It brings her happiness to see people enjoy their style of clothing because she believes that fashion is a personal statement that should not be judged by anybody else. Fashion should bring out one's confidence without disregarding comfort. People should flaunt their style regardless of its concept, brand, or price.

Women in their fifties like her should also enjoy dressing up because she is a self-proclaimed fashionista. She loves showing off her beauty and unique style by wearing ripped jeans, silk chiffon ruffle tops with bell sleeves, exotic reptile ballet flats, or her jeweled t-strap sandals. She paired it with oversized leather gains tote bags, oversized rectangular sunglasses, Swarovski chandelier earrings, massive art deco cocktail rings, and a silk chiffon scarf. Those are her favorite pieces, but she never leaves home without her beautiful warm smile and signature pink lips.

Her unique self makes her one-of-a-kind. Her best personality trait is that she approaches all situations and challenges new thoughts and ideas openly, with a fresh and optimistic mindset. According to the people who know her, there is no other person that is comparable to Lourdes. She is very well-mannered, a woman of style, and a person with a genuine heart. She is strong enough to remain calm and focused in the middle of a storm. She has inspired others through her selfless acts and by being caring, helping, and loving. The world became her life teacher who opened her eyes to the limitless opportunities to help, just like her role model did – “Mother Teresa”. Also, being younger does not mean having less wisdom because she treats her oldest daughter Crystal Acevedo-Aranbayrav as her advisor and mentor.

 Borchelli’s Upbringing

Lourdes was born on the 9th of August 1966 in the North-East part of the Bronx, New York. She and her siblings were raised in an affluent district in Westchester County. Their family was considered well-heeled from their passive income, which puts them in the upper-class category back in those days. Her parents could provide them with everything they needed from household necessities such as food, clothing, and health care. They also had enough money for other things like summer trips and stuff that enhanced their family's well-being. Lourdes and her siblings always had the most admirable things, including those that the masses could not easily afford, like designer clothing. With that, the siblings are forever grateful for having the opportunity to experience those things.

Her parents are Spanish with European roots. Her father, Elion, served in the military for an extended period before becoming a highly regarded equestrian trainer for fine horses, which made him famous in their native country. Despite his varying professional interests and experiences, Elion pursued a bachelor's degree in finance at the University of Miami, Florida. As luck would have it, her parents met at a horse-training stable and got married in one. Horses are the only real entertainment they had.

Since Lourdes's mother was of Spanish origin, their family culture, traditions, and values were derived primarily from Spanish Heritage with Arawak Indian roots. Their spiritual beliefs are influenced by their religion.

Her parents' influence on her has contributed to her personality and outlook in life. Their father showed them the importance of having patience towards something as well as being compassionate. Patience and love can soothe and calm even the most tenacious issues to become workable.

With her commitment and enthusiasm, she started working towards her dream and vision of becoming a successful woman in fashion and skincare.

 Passion, Love, and Career

Lourdes' love for fashion and skincare started at a very young age. She used to brush her mother Jenny’s long, extra fine hair and apply creams, lotions, and serums all over their faces and bodies. Her mother taught her about the difference between all those self-care products. She grew up watching the work of her beloved mother. She started becoming fascinated and inspired by her mother's work, a professional dressmaker, a seamstress, and a pattern maker for a famous fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, which explains where Lourdes got all her fashion and beauty senses from.

Her mother influenced Lourdes and made her gain an interest in fashion and beauty. She started developing a tremendous interest in fashion, beauty, and all things related to it. She has a strong belief that fashion and beauty are personal affairs that allow you to make a statement wherever you go. 

The happy and fun memories ignited Lourdes' desire to create her line of skincare products. She started selling homemade products at the age of 17 to a local hair salon named Esther Beauty Salon and Spa. While working her way through the business, her philosophy was "Prevent, Correct, and Protect".

To become an expert in the field of business, Lourdes took up a Bachelor of Arts in Business. She also studied business law, hospitality law, and tourism at Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York. With so many interests, just like her dad, Lourdes pursued her education in fashion and beauty with some relevant courses in Chemistry at the Fashion Institute of New York. She presents a new concept of feminine beauty and has left an indelible mark in the fashion industry. Aside from her degree, she is also a board-certified and licensed paramedical aesthetician. She has also been a New York State Notary Public Licensee for over three decades.

In addition, she is still working at New York City Transit (NYCT), also known as Metropolitan Transportation Authority, for the department of Stations Operation. NYCT is the largest, fastest, and most affluent transportation system globally. It offers busses, rails, and subway services along with its Paratransit Division, which caters to people with disabilities throughout New York City and the Tri-State area. Working with such a busy institution has taught her to work with minimal supervision and deliver desired tasks within stipulated timelines.

Another one of her childhood ambitions was to be able to travel around the world. She was able to fulfill that while working at American Airlines as a Customer Service Specialist, a position she still serves on a part-time term hitherto. She lives by her motto, “Life well spent, and more to search and see …” Meanwhile, her hobby of experiencing other cultures has taken her to numerous countries worldwide.

Furthermore, one of her career's most exciting and incredible things is interacting and socializing with people from diverse cultures. She was able to reach different people globally and from all walks of life. 

Meanwhile, Lourdes’ lifestyle and career journey are the epitome of dedication, victory, and happiness. She was able to overcome a lot of challenges throughout her career and had an enjoyable time along the way. Her life is filled with so many exciting events – ups and downs are included.

She is a woman of character with plenty of experiences in life. She gained so much respect in trade and commerce for being a self-made and successful business owner. Her dedication to her artistry is something that she is genuinely proud of.

Moreover, her love for art and beauty brings people together from all over the world. She can make her masterpieces into something that helps people take care of themselves and feel loved and beautiful. Lourdes takes her job of being like a fairy godmother to beauty enthusiasts seriously. She treats it as her calling,

 A Beautiful Success

Since 2009, Lourdes has put all her vitality, passion, and enthusiasm into the Science of Skincare. She has spent a great amount of time researching and planning for her project for more than a decade. She is now ready to realize her dreams with her previous experiences and a solid business plan. After years of serving in a different industry, she plans to get back into entrepreneurship using her strength and passion. She recognizes the significant influence and help of her father in creating “Borchelli Skincare”.

Today, Lourdes is the Creator, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Borchelli Skincare® by Lourdes Borchelli, a luxurious skincare brand for women of all ages. She has learned that experience, dedication, and quality customer service matter most in a business. She is known to be a pioneer in beauty and selling natural skincare products. She is a beauty lover and a true believer in a corrective face serum. Her philosophy on skincare is simple: Prevent, Correct, and Protect. Her best subjects in school were always business law, chemistry, fashion, geography, and hospitality. 

Her Spanish-American race with European roots influences the products. She wants to present a line of products that is classy but with a modern touch. All of the items are made from the finest and purest ingredients from around the world. Every product is made with her personalized stellar spur customer service and satisfaction.

Moreover, her entrepreneurial efforts gained her an outstanding reputation as an independent fashion designer, footwear designer, wardrobe stylist, fashion icon, and fashion trendsetter. Nevertheless, her appetite for skincare and helping other women take care of their skin brought her back to her first love.

She wanted to keep every woman’s skin healthy, flawless, and young. Lourdes is hands-on in creating their skincare products and personally formulates her products' fundamental elements and essential ingredients with a consistent eye for purity.

 Lourdes is dedicated and committed to providing quality beauty essentials to women of all ages. Her beauty brand offers a skincare line that will make them feel and look healthy, radiant, flawless, younger, and more confident. Her commitment to fulfilling her mission reflects the great American dream. Her extraordinarily bold and brave ideas are proof that anything is possible and viable.

Many people asked her how she managed to achieve so much in her life. She responds by saying that a determined person must have a strong faith in their capabilities and work tirelessly and diligently towards them. Dedication, passion, strong will, and hard work are just some of the qualities that need to be enhanced by anyone who wishes to be successful in any endeavor.

Believing in oneself boosts confidence in achieving even the most complex tasks. Furthermore, one thing that can enhance one's confidence is taking care of and pampering oneself. Lourdes makes sure that she takes out some time to rejuvenate her body at a hydrotherapy spa twice a week for full-body relaxation despite her busy schedule. Doing something recreational helps revitalize the mind, which aids in coming up with new and better ideas. For this very reason, Lourdes has taken on several hobbies over the years – each of which she has enjoyed thoroughly. She has developed an undying love for sketching exotic footwear and clothing.

To remain updated on the latest trends, she regularly attends beauty expos, and fashion shows travel to expos, and reads different articles on the internet to gain more ideas. These activities made her understand what women are looking for, want, and need. Through Borchelli Skincare, she aims to deliver just that.

There is no doubt that the passion and enthusiasm for beauty, fashion, and travel is Lourdes’ world. It is also because she believes that traveling has the power to teach, but seeing how much the world has to offer is an incredibly humbling experience.

As someone who thinks people should not be limited by their condition or circumstances, Lourdes wholeheartedly believes that anything is possible. One's socio-economic situation is not a barrier to success as long as there is a willingness and the right amount of effort. What is already written for you will be yours at the perfect time.

Likewise, doing what interests you the most can be challenging and fulfilling at the same time. It allows you to experience, enjoy, love, and manifest as desired.

 Family is Everything

Lourdes is now in her mid-fifties and aging beautifully, donning her beautiful smile and signature pink lips, just like how she used to be as a youngster. She is a mother of five incredible children and a blessed, loving grandmother of eight grandchildren. Lourdes considers her family as her priceless and greatest treasure in life and the reason behind her happiness and success in life. She gives her ex-husband and father the recognition and appreciation they deserve for always supporting her in every aspect of her life. They are to be credited and praised for helping her raise her five children the way they did. She would not be able to overcome her struggles without their help.

She may not have successfully saved two marriages before but what she has right now is already a reason to be grateful for. She has been in a long-lasting relationship with a man with Caribbean roots for over thirteen years. They are both truly and deeply in love with each other.

Success is not defined by the amount of money one has in her pocket but by the number of lives they have touched in their life’s journey. It is also measured by the state of happiness the person feels on top of the ladder.