An American Story

Lourdes Borchelli stands as a special entrepreneur. Her story is uniquely Spanish-American with European roots. Her ideas are bold. And her actions are extraordinary.

She is presenting new concepts of feminine beauty and is leaving an indelible mark on fashion and style.

Who is Lourdes Borchelli?

Lourdes Borchelli is a modern Spanish-American classic woman. The story of her vision and commitment to her mission reflects the great Spanish- American dream. She is shaped by the “You can do it!” spirit she learned as a child in New York.

The Early Days

Her mother, a dressmaker and a patternmaker  for Oscar de la Renta, deeply influenced her young daughter into the love of design and fashion. Firsthand, Lourdes witnessed and felt the passion, the the work and the commitment that went into being in the fashion world.

Her father, a highly regarded equestrian trainer, showed her how compassion and patience soothes and calms even the most stubborn being. Mixed into their family were the doting aunts and their contagious interest in style and beauty. Lourdes comes from a long line of passionate and committed people looking to enhance the world.

These myriad influences reinforced in young Lourdes a love of the art and magic of fashion. As a little girl, she reveled in brushing her mother's long hair and applying creams to her mom's face and her own. Early, she learned the differences in various products and would experiment with serums and creams. Eventually, under her mother's guidance, Lourdes learned to make her own beauty creams.

She was only a teenager when she started selling her home-made skincare products at local hair salons. Her philosophy then, as now, to skincare is simple: Prevent, Correct and  Protect.

Early Career

As a young woman, Lourdes pursued her education in fashion, design, and also chemistry. She became locally known for her fashion designs and unique style. Her entrepreneurial efforts gained her an outstanding reputation as a stylist and trend setter. But her passion for skin care and helping women promote their best face forward, brought her back to her original passion: skincare.

And Now

A certified and licensed paramedical aesthetic cosmetician, Lourdes is a hands-on chemist creating skin care products made from the purest ingredients, developed to keep a woman’s skin supple and youthful. She personally directs and formulates the essential ingredients for her products, always with an eye on purity.

Since 2009, Lourdes put all her energy and passion into the art and science of skincare. With her past experience, a solid business plan and a small amount of in savings, she enlisted the help of her family and created Borchelli Skincare.

Lourdes has done what she set out to do as a young teenager  in Larchmont, New York: created a company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women.

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