Why Borchelli?

"The Creator, Founder & CEO of Borchelli Skincare"

My name is Lourdes Borchelli the Creator, Founder and CEO of Borchelli Skincare. I am a pioneer in natural luxury skincare. I am a board certified, paramedical licensed esthetician from the State of New York. “Being Esthetician, and an independent fashion and footwear designer, wardrobe stylist, a woman of character, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur and a mother of five made me realize how important it is for women to achieve balance in life. With so many responsibilities we often neglect our own health, both inside and out. That’s what made me founded Borchelli Skincare. I wanted to offer women a skincare line that make them looked younger, healthy, radiant and definitely confident about themselves. So, I started Borchelli Skincare for myself, and for women like me who refuse to risk their health for beauty and that’s how Borchelli got started. The key element in having beautiful and healthy skin all starts with the proper ingredients and a daily routine and what better way than to use products made by me for you. My philosophy is prevent, correct, and protect and if I don’t feel that the product is impeccable, I won’t launch it.

With so much confusion in the skin care market. All the vendors tout their products as the best, the latest, the greatest and guaranteed to take years of your face almost instantly.

Well, at Borchelli Skincare, we do not make extravagant claims or try to fool our customers.

Our claims are as simple and as obvious as the nose on your face.

Borchelli Value.

The overall value Borchelli offers is the quality of the products we produce to achieve effective and achievable results for our customers. All of our offerings are natural and responsibly sourced. Our proven and tested ingredients ensure the results we promise.

Borchelli Experience.

Borchelli Skincare was founded in 2009 and developed a loyal and devoted following since its earliest days. The regular application of our skincare regimen results in happy customers!

It is our longtime customers who have urged us to expand our customer reach to a larger community.

Borchelli Community.

While other products tout movie star faces, we are most proud of our community of Borchelli fans. You may not see our faces on a supermarket tabloid, but certainly you will notice us at your local grocery store. Maybe not on the big screen, but there, on line, buying movie tickets.

That is us, the ladies with the glow of healthy skin.

Borchelli Quality.

Borchelli sets a standard for quality. Our founder, Lourdes Borchelli, personally oversees every aspect of our product from concept to delivery.

Not only is her name on the company, but her soul and spirit are invested in every bottle of skincare product. No shortcuts, no hype. Borchelli produces the finest of products for the finest of skin care.

Why You Need Borchelli.

We understand you are bombarded with daily stresses and activities. In an era of NOW! many factors pull at you to get your attention.

But at Borchelli, we believe one of the essentials of doing good is feeling good and looking good.

So, our skincare regimen is fast, simple and effective. Then you can be that glowing lady in the store, classroom or magazine cover. It is your choice. It is our mission to make you beautiful everywhere you are seen.

Join the Borchelli community and refresh yourself!